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Hytale vs. Minecraft

Published 2 year(s) ago by HytaleHQ

Since Hytale was announced in 2018 it’s been regarded as simply the new Minecraft. comparisons between the two games are inevitable. They each have a similar aesthetic and offer some of the same elements of gameplay. There are many major differences between Hytale and Minecraft, some of which considerably improve player experience. Hytale offers players engaging quests, a rich story mode, more diversity of items, and a dynamic crafting system. It offers more to players at every turn.

Character Customization

Character customization is a critical aspect of gameplay. The type of player attracted to the adventure mode in Hytale is definitely going to invest some time here. The narrower scope of Minecraft’s gameplay created a different dynamic where customization wasn’t as valued. In Minecraft, “The Player” is more of a tool used to interact with the in-game world. Hytale provides such a rich and story-based environment by comparison. Customizing a character that players can identify with is vital to immersive game-play.

Character customization was possible in Minecraft with mods. In the true spirit of the project, Hytale seamlessly integrates features that set the game apart. There’s no need to edit and install skins. The avatar customization menu allows players to customize their character’s hair color, skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, and more. It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to create the perfect character. There are multiple layers of clothing options that can be customized.

Hytale characters are expressive. Several facial expressions and emotes have been created to bring characters to life. Characters will adopt expressions in response to events and actions in the game. Players also have the option to manually trigger expressions and emotes.


Hytale provides a much different visual experience from Minecraft. The game runs on a custom-built engine. No other publicly available platform could fit their specific needs. Hytale boasts some serious improvements over Minecraft when it comes to environmental immersion. Players will experience realtime shadows, fog and more. Both elements add richness and help players get lost in the game. Hytale takes lighting to another level. The game includes lightbloom, sun rays and other effects. This rich lighting scheme provides depth to the game and creates a more convincing experience. These effects also play off of the water textures throughout the game. Minecraft simply can’t compete. When it comes to visual impact, Hytale has an obvious advantage.


The combat systems of Minecraft and Hytale offer some basic similarities. Players will notice that the mechanics in Hytale feel very similar to that of Minecraft 1.9. There are several key differences between the two games. The wide variety of enemies provides players with a fresh challenge at every turn. The days of mindlessly swinging at the same 5 enemies are over.The foes faced in Hytale employ dynamic strategy to keep players on their toes. Mobs of foes can alert nearby enemies to a player’s presence. Minecraft lacked the experience of strategically attacking a larger foe while fighting off waves of smaller enemies. Hytale delivers this intense combat experience with new tools and features.

Players familiar with Minecraft will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of weapons at their disposal. Hytale offers players the ability to dual wield weapons. This allows for powerful combination attacks and weapon synergies. Players can arm themselves with melee and ranged weapons or even magic items.

Shields and blocking offer players the ability to thwart enemy attacks and avoid taking damage. Not all foes are easy to defend against. Larger enemies can overswing a player shield and still land deadly blows. This means a player must learn to balance their attacks, blocks, and evasion in order to survive the fray. This combat system provides enough elements to challenge players of all ability levels.

Armor, Weapons and More

Armor in Hytale and Minecraft accomplish the same thing, providing players with a level of defense. Minecraft’s iconic diamond armor wasn’t much to look at. Players looked like walking blocks of ice and there was no room for customization. Each variety of Minecraft’s armor followed the same design and offered the same functionality. Hytale has taken armor one step further. Each set and piece has a very detailed and stylized look, like the soldier’s breastplate. With it you can take on a mighty knights quest or just guard your own land. The monsters in Hytale have their own chance at protection with armor sets of their own. Crafting or finding pieces is sure to be quite a quest. Most can be acquired from the body of a recently downed foe evoking Monster Hunter battle hunger. Gathering the items to craft your sets may be far different than just finding a nice ore vein but we don’t know yet.

Players can expect a lot from the weapons selection of Hytale. The rich adventure mode and focus on combat necesitate it. A Minecraft player could happily rely on a trusted diamond sword. Hytale players will want to gather an arsenal. Foes in Hytale are as unique and varied as the weapons you have to choose from. There’s an appropriate weapon for every player, foe and environment.

Enemy loot drops in Minecraft were incredibly simple. Characters could expect a few simple items of little value. Enemies in Hytale drop more than some zombie flesh and arrows. While players mined and gathered the majority of their base materials in Minecraft, Hytale takes a more aggressive approach. Players can expect to gather resources directly from the bodies of their fallen enemies. Some will drop rare resources that can only be acquired through combat.

Adventure Mode

Fully playable in co-op mode

Hytale, unlike Minecraft, is made for online cooperative play. The whole point is to gather your friends and head out on an incredible journey. Every aspect of the game is accessible in co-op and fully playable. Quests and interactions can be experienced by every player. You won’t find yourself bored in the world of Hytale. Cooperative play was possible in Minecraft but rife with pain points. It felt like an afterthought. Hytale was designed with community in mind.

Area-specific foes

The number of enemies in this game far surpasses those in Minecraft. With such a wide variety of area-specific enemies players are given even more reason to explore. There are more unique biomes for players to adventure through in Hytale. Each complex environment offers new foes to take down and new gear to pick up

Unique bosses

Hytale has a major pull over Minecraft. There are unique boss battles to break up the monotony of dungeon grinding and adventuring. Players can gain rare materials, precious items and clout as they fight through these challenging battles. Hytale sports a number of super cool bosses from Dragons to Yetis. Each fight will have its unique challenges. With those challenges and rewards.


Crafting in Hytale offers expanded options from Minecraft. The basic building block system is the same with some important distinctions. Hytale features several styles of blocks that players can easily make from basic materials. Acquiring a set of stairs without additional crafting is a huge step up from Minecraft. Hytale also offers angled roof tiles and half block materials.Players will be able to craft structures that more closely resemble those in the real world. A pitched roof was a mere pipe dream in Minecraft. In Hytale players no longer have to create a terraced structure out of full blocks to attempt a slanted roof. The improvements don’t stop there. Base materials are available in column or pillar form as well. Stacks of blocks are a thing of the past. Now players have the ability to add delicate support beams that don’t fill an entire block of space.


When comparing these two games, one clearly comes out on top. Hytale’s adventure mode, expanded crafting system and character customization options are unprecedented. From the player’s perspective, Hytale has more to offer. In Hytale players can still build intricate worlds and strange monuments. Gathering materials is still an important part of the game too. The expanded adventure mode offers an experience unlike anything MInecraft ever offered. Hytale feels a lot like two games in one. There’s the open sandbox inviting player creativity but there’s also a world of adventure to explore. Hytale’s adventure mode feels like a second story driven RPG nestled inside the game. Imagine setting off on epic quests with your friends then returning to a tranquil home base of your own creation. That’s the experience that Hytale has to offer. It’s taken the concept of a box building game and turned it into so much more. Hytale is not the new Minecraft. It’s something brand entirely different. This game combines the best of an open world sandbox and an mmo. It’s beautiful graphics, engaging content and player-focused functionality make this a title worth getting excited about.