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Is Hytale Just Minecraft 2.0? (Hytale Vs Minecraft)

Published 2 year(s) ago by HytaleHQ

The short answer is no, but it does have a striking resemblance at first. There’s no avoiding the fact that Hypixel Studio’s first solo venture game, Hytale, is heavily inspired by Minecraft. The similarities become uncanny as more content is revealed to the public, but the developers have a different vision for what gameplay will feel like.

The team behind Hytale are Minecraft enthusiasts. They have been running the largest Minecraft private server for over 6 years, even earning themselves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2018 Riot Games backed Hypixel studios raising 7 million dollars in angel funding, placing the bar high for the Hytale team and expanding the possibilities for their project. The production power for the game was then further increased when Riot later purchased Hypixel Studios in April 2020, giving them access to a wealth of resources.

This development has given them more than enough ammunition to deliver a game that exceeds our expectations. This new title challenges the long standing titan Minecraft by aiming to redefine the block game genre. If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ll certainly find appeal in this new approach, so let’s dive into what makes Hytale so different.

Building and Gathering

Before explaining what sets the two games apart, let’s first cover the familiar ground. Building and gathering are the central focus of Minecraft. The freedom of the philosophy “If I can see it, I can build with it” has given creative players limitless hours of playable content. Each procedurally generated world is a canvas to paint on.

Block Placement

Based on what we’ve been shown, Hytale has a nearly identical approach: gathering blocks with familiar tools like the pickaxe, and building one block at a time. We’re not yet sure if every block in the game can be harvested, but it’s been implied that most can. Many of the block designs like stairs and half slabs function very similarly.

Hypixel devs know what Minecraft fans have wanted, so they’ve taken this opportunity to apply some great quality of life improvements to their engine that we’ve been itching for. Simple things like placing sideways half slabs, chairs, tables, roofing blocks, and even holding a lit torch to illuminate an area around the player without torch spam. Many more of these perks are sure to surface as more content is revealed.


This is another area that will feel very familiar. Strip mining will likely make a return given that the precious metals are still gathered from ores deep underground. Cave spelunking and mineshaft exploring are included in this process, as well as lava pools, and threats from monsters. Hytale will certainly have their own twist to this system that will be refreshingly new and creative.


Crops have many of the same properties and requirements. They need tilled land, seeds planted, a light source, water, and time to grow. Some mechanics such as the introduction of fertilizer and livestock happiness will make tending to your food source a bit different, but largely follow the same rules.


This is an area where Hytale has not really revealed any content. There has been evidence of working machinery such as helicopter backpacks, but no form of electricity within blocks has been confirmed. Hypixel’s team has teased that large parts of the project are not yet ready to be revealed, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’re working on their own creative take on the concept. Redstone accounted for a large portion of Minecraft’s community, so it’s unlikely the devs will overlook this feature.


Here’s where Hytale really starts to branch out into their own game, taking on many RPG elements and injecting them into the sandbox block game formula. Minecraft’s crafting system is very simple with little variation. As long as you have the materials and a crafting table, you can make it. Minecraft’s enchanting system is also straightforward although a bit time consuming, but still not hard to unlock the most effective gear early on.

Hytale hasn’t revealed its enchanting system yet, but they have shed some light on their crafting concepts, as well as some gear mechanics. Combat will certainly have a more prominent role and larger focus in the player’s progress. The team has already explained that much of the game’s content is locked behind enemies that progressively increase in difficulty, so acquiring recipes for stronger gear will likely be a requirement. Here’s a list of some crafting mechanics we’ll expect to see:

● Unlockable recipes
● Weapon and armor perks
● Durability
● Rarity levels
● Enchants
● Re-coloring armor
● Experimenting and discovering
● Magical weapons
● 1 and 2 handed weapons
● Jewelry


Hytale breaks away from Minecraft’s “silent unexplainable world” formula by adding interactable NPC’s, dialog, and most importantly, story and lore. Minecraft’s world serves as a blank canvas where you bring the universe to life with your own imagination and story, but the game itself offers none whatsoever. For some, this can give the game a feeling of aimlessness.

The Hytale team took a different direction, giving the game backstory and depth. They instead are building a universe with factions, procedural and progressive quests, increasing difficulty through progression, allies and foes, multiple planets, underground worlds with dinosaurs, and so much more.

Gaia (Force of Good)

Gaia is assumed to be the goddess of Hytale’s universe. She serves a large role in the lore of the game and is worshipped by many factions the player encounters. She has an unknown connection to the primary antagonist Varyn.

Varyn (Primary Antagonist)

A demon that wields powerful void magic and commands many void-corrupted creatures. The player will encounter and fight against these creatures throughout their gameplay. Hypixel has explained that he plays a large role in the main storyline of the game.


The world will be filled with areas called “Portal Dungeons”. Upon finding the entrance, the player will be teleported to an area with challenges and scripted boss fights. Hypixel has explained that some of these zones may contain puzzles and blocks you may not be able to mine through. Hypixel has revealed that quests are all single player or multiplayer, and there have been implications of a party system, or potentially something similar. Hytale will certainly contain many RPG elements for players to enjoy, but much of this universe has yet to be revealed.

Player Created Content

The Hypixel Minecraft server is primarily minigames and modded content. They are an excellent demonstration of the amazing things that the community can create to exponentially increase the playability of a game. As a result of their success, they have made a very strong point to go above and beyond in the tools they are providing for content creators and modders.

Upon release, they plan to provide virtually the entire engine they used to create the game to the players for free. The engine includes its own powerful yet simple 3D model maker, 3D animator, texture editor, and script editor. For those familiar with MC Edit for Minecraft, many of the same tools have been revealed to come with the game for content creators and server admins to quickly build a world.

The engine even permits multiple designers to work on the same project simultaneously. In their demonstration, one designer worked on animating a model of a dog, while another worked on the textures and color. All of the texture changes were updated live as the animator worked on the model.

Hypixel stated, “It was important to us to provide tools that were powerful but presented a low


Skins and character customization are always at the top of player requested features. Hytale is delivering powerful customization, allowing players to change their hairstyles, clothing, accessories, facial expressions and more while including multiple color options for each. They’ve also teased about the ability to choose a different race entirely.

Clothing and hair will show through your armor, unlike in Minecraft where suiting up hid your character’s individuality. The crafting system has already showcased the ability to change the color of our armor to match our avatar, so every player can look unique.

The World

Hypixel has been hard at work already completing over 7,000 prefabs, which in summary are points of interest. These prefabs alongside procedural world generation will ensure every world will feel like a unique and new experience with plenty to explore.

The starting planet will contain four major zones each with unique caves, structures, biomes, points of interest, and challenges. Players will be equipped with a map to help navigate this tremendous world, yet another quality of life improvement over Minecraft. There’s not much revealed about the other four planets yet, but we’re sure to see some information on them before launch.


The most immediately obvious difference between the two games is the graphics. Hytale has taken things more than just one step forward. The Minecraft modding community has worked hard for years to maintain stable graphics, improving mods, and allowing improvements to the base game such as dynamic shadows and lighting. These features come standard with Hytale along with many more.

The team has ensured that the game can run with most computer’s onboard graphics, but many more features are available for stronger systems. The game includes light rays, shadows, blooming effects, dynamic weather and fog, water reflections, animated plant life, particle effects, loose object physics, animated NPCs, and more to be announced. The world has a grand scale feel to it that goes beyond the capabilities of Minecraft mods.


Each zone will have unique creatures to defend against of varying difficulty. The primary categories they can be grouped into are trolls, humanoids, beasts, void creatures, and undead. These may not be final as much has been kept under wraps, but each zone will certainly maintain a theme of monsters.

Similar to visiting a village in Minecraft, some areas will have towns of NPCs belonging to a faction that may be friend or foe, and will likely offer quests. You may also encounter a castle with powerful monsters and profitable loot, or a tower with a procedurally generated dungeon beneath it crawling with creatures.


Music and sound effects received a lot of attention from the team. Simple effects such as muffling the sound of rain when you step inside or the difference in the sound of your footsteps depending on what surface you walk on add a lot of depth to the player experience. They’ve even added an echo to caves. The foley team has been hard at work converting real sounds into in-game effects.

To further add to the scale of the game, the music scores are cinematic and well produced. Just like their attention to graphics, sound and music has been ramped up, once again raising the bar even higher for what the team plans to deliver.

Game Modes

So far, three game modes have been revealed to come with the base game. With so much emphasis on player created content and community servers however, you can expect many more ways to play the game as time goes on.


This is the Minecraft equivalent to Survival. Endless gameplay in an infinite world is certainly the core of the player’s experience, but Hytale’s adventure mode extends beyond just getting through the night. With the questing system and story on top of the sandbox survival elements, this main gameplay mode has much more to offer.


For the builders, artists, and players that like to experiment. The creative mode in Hytale will likely serve a very similar purpose to that of Minecraft’s. This mode should allow you to summon any block, and have complete control over the world around you.


If you grow tired of the vanilla experience, search through a list of servers to find a game that suits you. This is where the gameplay becomes nearly infinite as the community continuously produces new games and ideas. With the engine Hypixel is providing, expect this to be packed with amazing content.


Hytale will likely never stop being compared to its cousin Minecraft, but for those that try both titles, there’s sure to be a vast difference in the player experience. From what we’ve seen already, the team has demonstrated their vision to evolve the genre, aiming to prove that there’s more than one good way to make a great block game.

Hypixel is being very selective about what they show us, as explained in their blog. This means we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. With the dev team prioritizing quality over release date timelines, many veteran players can expect to discover more than just the sequel to Minecraft they’ve been waiting for in 2021.